Drunk Driving Accidents in Grand Junction: Victims Deserve Compensation for their Injuries

When a driver gets behind the wheel, they should use their senses to clearly see, hear, and anticipate possible dangers surrounding them. Failing to use one of these senses can lead to a devastating accident that could have been avoided. A lot of things such as infections, illnesses, and obstacles can impact one’s senses; however, intoxication is probably the most dangerous but preventable one. Because of the significant consequences that intoxicated drivers can cause, laws are in place to punish these behaviors. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers get behind the wheel even if they are under the influence of alcohol. Victims of drunk drivers who caused an accident can seek compensation for their injuries and losses with the help of a Grand Junction Auto Accident Lawyer

Alcohol impairs the senses, making driving while drunk quite dangerous. When a driver is drunk, they could have reduced coordination and impaired vision. Also, they would not be aware of their surroundings. Without a clear vision of what’s ahead and the surrounding, a driver can drive their car off the road, hit pedestrians or property, or collide with other cars.

The Impacts of Drunk Driving on a Driver’s Vision

Alcohol can slow down body function, which includes eye function. When the driver loses muscle coordination and focus, it will more difficult for their eyes to communicate with their brain. Additionally, they can experience symptoms that can hinder visual focus and impair their ability to drive safely. These symptoms include the following:

  • Blurred vision. Alcohol impacts how quickly the pupils dilate. Also, it reduces the eye’s ability to adjust for brightness and contrast. And the pupil’s decreased reaction time also reduces the amount of information they get, widening the blind spots in the peripheral vision and reducing the driver’s ability to judge distance.
  • Fatigue. Alcohol starts to impact the brain and slows down body functions, allowing fatigue to set in quickly. This is a natural defensive mechanism to let the body rest to purge the alcohol. Also, alcohol can cause excessive eye twitching, which makes it difficult to keep the eyes open. 

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Getting the Help You Need

Because a drunk driver will have diminished vision and visual communication, they may not perceive the locations of vehicles on the road correctly. Car accidents that involve drunk drivers can be devastating and fatal. If you have been a victim of a drunk driver, you should turn to a car accident attorney for legal help. Sustaining serious injuries often means getting long-term medical treatment and care. This also means that you will have to be off of work for a long time, losing the income you and your family used to depend on. A good attorney will help you secure a compensation that can cover your losses.