Gymnastics: the main recommendations and steroid use info

Gymnastics is a sport that can be practiced separately from other types.

Training with rings is worked out by stabilizer muscles, which hardly turn on during regular workouts in the gym. Due to the instability of the rings, ligaments are strengthened that cannot be worked out by standard methods.

With the help of gymnastics, a crossfighter can develop a functional. Gymnastics rings are one of the best options for improving endurance and performance. With the help of rings, you can increase muscle mass proportionally, without gaining excess weight in the form of muscles or fat.

Improving brain-muscle communication. Crossfiters perform only basic gymnastic exercises that maximize the muscles of the whole body and improve concentration on muscle work.

Diversity. New Steroids Site (UK and USA), other angles of muscle development retain interest in training, and avoid overwork.

Muscle elasticity. It is better to work separately on stretching, but gymnastics is a good option to increase the elasticity of the muscles of the upper body.

Acceleration of progress. Thanks to the above effects. Crossfit training is becoming more joyful and diverse, which helps to fall in love with training and get the result as quickly as possible.

Gymnastics. Best exercises

Gymnastic exercise number 1. Pullups on the rings

Goal: development of the muscles of the back, biceps, back delta. Improving posture, the formation of the correct figure.

Pull-ups on the rings focus on stabilizer muscles and ligaments, which almost do not work when performing regular pull-ups.

At first, the athlete “shakes” strongly when doing pull-ups on the rings – the stabilizer muscles get used to the work that they did not do before. But after a few weeks or months of training, you will notice that pull-ups on the crossbar have become a complete trifle.

Gymnastic exercise number 2. Pushups on the rings

Purpose: pumping the pectoral muscles, triceps, anterior and middle deltas. Strengthening ligaments and muscle stabilizers.

By analogy with pull-ups: the exercise is unique in the inclusion of muscles that cannot be worked out using conventional push-ups on the uneven bars.

Gymnastic exercise number 3. Hanging legs

Purpose: strengthening the muscles of the press, preparation for the implementation of more complex elements, a static load on the entire upper body.

An alternative to lifting your legs in the hang on the bar or in the simulator. The technique of execution on the rings does not differ from the “horizontal” version. But at first it will be harder.

Gymnastic exercise number 4. Horizontal hanging on rings

Purpose: strengthening the muscles of the press, static training of the entire top and bottom of the body, pumping the forearms.

Horizontal vis can be performed only after mastering the above exercises. Regularly (every 1-3 workouts) we increase the time of the hang.

Gymnastic exercise number 5. Exit by force

Purpose: training all the muscles of the upper body, a combination of pull-ups and push-ups.

One of the best crossfit ring exercises. Perform only after mastering the pull-ups and push-ups on the rings.

A lot of exercise is not necessary. Gymnastics is an addition to crossfit, not its foundation.

Recommendations for gymnastic training

  • Pay attention to weightlifting, which is also an element of crossfit.
  • Find motivation for training. Crossfit and gymnastics can achieve fantastic results. But only to those who are motivated to work on themselves.
  • Learn the basics of training in crossfit and use them in gymnastic training.
  • Girls should take into account the specifics of female crossfit. For the fair sex, we have this section.
  • Gradually increase the training load when working with rings. Follow the basic training principles that are described here.
  • Set up the power. Gymnastics and crossfit in general will be more effective with proper nutrition and daily routine.

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