How your customers will love custom reusable bags

Did you know that plastic shopping bags can take up to 15 years to decay? They are also not biodegradable. They are toxic and dissolve in water, making them unusable. The popularity of reusable grocery bags is on the rise.
A promotional tote bag can be used by 73% of consumers. This can generate over 3,300 impressions. Your brand will also be benefited from custom reusable bags that are good for the environment. Many cities have banned single-use plastic bags to help reduce pollution. Many supermarkets and retail stores will no longer be allowed to give out single-use plastic bags to shoppers who use them to transport their goods home. A further 42% of consumers will be more positive about an advertiser if they receive an environmentally friendly promotional product. Earning the social approval of customers becomes increasingly important as consumer guilt is becoming more common. Why should you need to bring your shopping bag? Are reusable bags great for promotional purposes? How can you choose the right bag to fit your needs? Continue reading to find out more.
Why should you bring your shopping bag to the store?
Help the environment by being a good citizen! This is the obvious choice. The environment should switch to reusable grocery bags than single-use plastic bags and even paper bags. This 25 list contains more information about single-use plastic bags, and how they impact the environment.
Reusable grocery bags are more durable, easier to use, and more versatile than standard grocery bags. How do you pick it up? Before it makes it to your door, the handle snaps, or the sharp edges of your cereal box break through the bag’s thin sides. Groceries totes are more durable than plastic bags because they can be reused. You can even find laminated shopping bags which offer more durability. Larger items like boxes and large objects fit more comfortably inside them. The larger handles make it easier to transport heavy items.
Customized totes are fashionable. Many stores now sell reusable bags at the checkout. They have also come up with Printed Wine Totes bag designs. These fashionable fabric shopping bags are more appealing than traditional shopping bags. You can try one yourself.
Multi-use grocery bags can be stored easily. Reusable bags can be folded flat for storage. The Pack Away Shopping Tote can be folded flat for compact storage. Crestline has a custom-printed grocery tote that I keep in my desk drawer. It is very useful.
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Totes are more than just grocery shopping. Reusable grocery bags can also be used to take to work, to the gym, and for other day-to-day activities. Your reusable bags can be used for social gatherings or trips to the beach.
How to use reusable grocery bags safely
Reusable bags should be washed frequently, especially if they are used for food items. Reusable bags should be washed at least once per week to kill bacteria and eliminate any risk. Most of our reusable grocery bags are safe to wash. Contact an expert if you are unsure if a bag is safe to wash.
You can also reduce the number of bacteria in your reusable bags by using the sanitizing wipes available at many grocery stores. To ensure that your bags are clean before you put them in the cart, make sure to wipe down the handle and any other areas. This is a great practice to do at the store, regardless of whether you’re using reusable bags.
You can also ensure that your bags are stored in a dry, clean place. If your bag is damp, don’t fold it up and store it. Instead, let it dry open and allow it to dry before storing.