Read this first before you start your business:

If you are someone who has never ran a business before but recently got interested in it then it’s better to learn a few things before you start. Many people in this time are interested in business. The young minds in this world have a lot of life changing brilliant ideas. Executing these ideas properly is quite challenging. You have to find a way as an entrepreneur to put your idea in the market smartly so you can make your product stand out. The primary thing that one should have in this line of business is patience and the willingness to keep going. Building a business takes a lot more than what people actually think. It involves a lot of hard work and requires you to play smartly. It’s a game where you have to be prophetic so you can predict the next move of your competitors.

Have someone around you to avoid mistakes:

It is quite easy to get attach with your ideas and planning. However this only makes you pompous and can affect your company badly. You need to describe your plans to someone who can shape it for the betterment of the company. This is why it is crucial to hire a business consultant[konsultan bisnis, which is the term in Indonesian], who can guide you on every step of yours.

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Take decisions wisely as the livelihood of your employees depends on it:

When you are running a company then taking a wrong decision not only affects you but affects the health of the company, too which indirectly affects your employees. It is the duty of the owner to think about their employees first before taking in account what’s better for the company. Serving your customers and employees better is what should be the primary goal of a company. Having this mindset will help you grow your business to great extents.