The most famous soups in the world

The more the summer is ending and the winter is coming, the more often the soups enter our dinner. Instead, of the classic chicken soup or meat soup, what would you say to make a tasty tour all over the world, tasting famous soups from nearby and distant countries?

The soup is not necessarily the food of the flu and you do not have to wait to get sick in order to eat it. And if you are bored with the same recipes, get ideas from Mexico, Italy, Spain and other parts of the world where soups take off their taste and escape from the established ones.

Pozole, Mexico

This traditional Mexican soup combines corn, pork, a host of spices like cumin, chili powder, coriander, oregano, freshly ground pepper, and has brave doses of garlic and onion. It also combines avocados and radishes, all in chicken broth with chopped cabbage. You will love the aroma of cumin, oregano and simmering pork, and it is a soup served in all Mexican restaurants around the world. In Mexico, it is often served as a festive dish at weddings, birthdays, New Year’s Eve and quinceañera, which is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday in Latin America.

Soto Ayam, Indonesia

If you love chicken soup, but you have the mood for something different, Soto Ayam is an excellent choice. Yellow and spicy, this Indonesian dish is also popular in Singapore and Malaysia. This recipe requires many flavors, such as coriander, turmeric and ginger. Do not forget to taste it if you happen to be at various Bali events in Indonesia.

Miso, Japan

One of the most popular soups, the miso soup is based on a broth called dashi, which mixes miso, a kind of pasta made from soybeans, sea salt and rice or barley that have been fermented for a long time. Of course it can contain other ingredients such as potato, onion, shrimp, wakame (edible seaweed), depending on appetizers and tastes. 75% of all Japanese people consume a miso soup at least once a day, and more than 80% of the annual miso production is used in this soup.

Soup with white beans and prosciutto, Italy

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The protagonists of this dish are chopped and salty prosciutto and cannellini canned beans in a quick and easy recipe. Its place of origin is Tuscany, it is warm and the absolute comfort food for the Italians and circulates in various variants with pancetta, sage and so on. while splendidly accompanied by crisp Italian bread and green salad.

Borscht, Ukraine

A beetroot red soup, which is the main ingredient and it is very common in central and eastern Europe. In some places they use tomatoes, giving the beetroot a secondary role, while in the rest of its ingredients we find meat broth, meat, sautéed vegetables. There is also green borscht with tinsel and white borscht with rye flour. Its vegetarian version uses beetroot or vegetable broth instead of meat and everything seems to be a very special and delicious soup.

Noodle Pho, Vietnam

Favorite noodles with delicious broth and tender slices of beef, along with crispy and spicy spices and herbs for garnish and extra flavor. This delicious rich soup comes from Vietnam, served as street food, is a specialty of many restaurants, but is an easy recipe for someone to make at home. In southern Vietnam they prefer it in the morning and sometimes at lunchtime, while in the north it consumes it at any time of the day.

Onion soup, France

As its name suggests, onion is a protagonist in this French soup, which is made with meat broth and served grated with croutons or slice of bread and cheese. This soup is of ancient origin and is usually served as an appetizer, and the secret is that onions are quietly cooked to become caramelized. In addition to meat broth, it can also be cooked with water, while many add milk or make it more viscous with eggs or flour.