Top Directors of Telugu Cinema – S V Krishna Reddy

The latest Telugu movies online are one of the interesting features for many viewers. Many Telugu films are exceptionally interesting to movie lovers who are available online. If you are a staunch supporter of movies that are action or comedy oriented, you can depend on an online platform. The quality of these films is awesome and attractive to many viewers in this world. Many filmmakers nowadays are interested in screening dubbed films for their audiences online. The online audience loves watching films than theater screening due to lots of advantages. The flexibility of watching Telugu movies online is an attractive feature for viewers.

The story of the action films is the main attraction for the Telugu cinema audience. The director, like Krishna reddy has given his work in an exemplary way to the audience. Many directors in the Telugu industry have given their best work to cope with the satisfaction of the audience. Many blockbuster films are being produced in the industry and the main ones are acted by the leading actors like Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, and others. The films acted by these actors majorly give good business to the producers and other associates. Nowadays, audience taste is changed a lot and hence the taste of the filmmakers has to be changed a lot. The change in making films and producing has become the main feature of the Telugu industry. The one of a kind film screenplay, music, and choreography are the highlights of the success of Telugu films. Hence, these films are loved by watching online.

Ahvanam is a popular Telugu film released in the year 1997. The film was directed by S. V. Krishna Reddy and produced by T. TrivikramaRao. The leading actors of the film are MekaSrikanth, Ramya Krishnan, HeeraRajgopal, and Brahmanandam. The film has been a mega-hit and the film was liked by a lot of viewers in the Telugu industry. Still, this film has been recognized well and received at the time of release. The movie had wonderful reviews and feedback from the audience. Especially, the female audience is more for the film and the music was scored by Krishna Reddy.

Budget Padmanabham is a Telugu film released in the year 2000. The film story is based on the middle-class person detailing all kinds of tug of war in the life of a person. The film was directed by Krishna Reddy, and the music was scored by Krishna ReddyReddy. The total length of the film is about 151 minutes. The film received well by the audience and also good reviews of the audience. The film had a good run at the box office mainly due to word of mouth. The movie was produced by GrandiNarayanaRao. The leading actors of the film are JagapathiBabu and Ramya Krishna

Yamaleela is a mega Telugu film released in the year 1994. This film was directed by Krishna Reddy and produced by Kishore Rati. The total length duration of the film is about 140 minutes and had a good run at the box office. The film was majorly received a good response from the audience of the middle and lower class. The leading actors of the film are Ali, Indraja,Satyanarayana,Brahmanandam,TanikellaBharani, and Kota SrinivasaRao. This film music was scored by Kirshnareddy and had a good screenplay, choreography, and music.

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