Stages In The Development Of Drawing In Children

Next to the markers is a primitive children’s drawing with a felt-tip pen on a peach background. child development. children learn to draw.

Little by little, young children face different types of activities related to fine motor skills, such as drawing and writing. However, the first usually takes place much earlier than the second, since its rules are much more open and its possibilities, thanks to imagination, Early childhood development (การพัฒนาเด็กปฐมวัย which is the term in Thai) and observation, are almost endless.

Children discover what the world around them is like and try to imitate and recreate it in their way, thanks to the development of structures such as muscles or the brain itself. The maturation of this type of nervous structure is called psychomotor development, which allows learning and acquiring life skills.

The psychomotor development goes through different stages depending on the age of children and has a lot to do with the stimulation they receive. Even so, and with regard to drawing, there are a series of more or less common stages that we could identify just as it is in a student report cards (สมุดรายงานประจำตัว which is the term in Thai).

Drawing Stages In Usual Chronological Order

Period Of Uncontrolled Scribbles: around the year, children are already able to wield a pen, with more or less precision, which allows them to face their first strokes, which will be lined and marks still disconnected and without a logical sense.

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Period Of The Ordered Doodles: after this stage and, little by little, until approximately three years old, the children acquire more precision and reasoning and are already beginning to relate the movements with the lines and the ideas, although it continues being unidentifiable for adults.

Period Of The Figurative Doodles: the ordered doodles will still have to mature a little more, and at that moment, the child will make his strokes on the paper indicating that he has drawn Mommy, the grandparents, or the house in which he lives. His way of speaking and recounting what he has done will make it easier to understand and identify his traces, still imperfect.

Period Of Human Figures: around three or four years (which can vary according to the particular level of development), children are already able to make people with their arms and legs, even though this is still somewhat schematic. They can see in her strokes hands, feet, and heads, in what will be an enjoyable task associated with the world and the people around her, as well as her infinite ability to imagine.